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Wednesday 10/19/16 – Kevin Miller Show
Wednesday 10/19/16..Today's guests: 6:am - Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers reports from the sight of tonight's presidential debate ; 7:am - Deacon Keith Fournier from The Stream (stream.org) says religious freedom depends on the outcome of the upcoming election ; 7:36am - Fox News Radio's Simon Owen…
Tuesday 10/19/16 – Kevin Miller Show
Tuesday 10/19/16.. The host gives today's guests an hour each to discuss their views on the upcoming presidential election and other related topics:  6:am - Idaho Republican Party Chairman Stephen Yates ; 7:am - Brietbart reporter in Twin Falls, Idaho, Lee Stranahan ; 8:am - Pennsylvania a…
Thursday 10/13/16 – Kevin Miller Show
Thursday 10/13/16.. Today's guests:  6:am - Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (fairus.org) discusses America's dangerously porous borders under Obama ; 6:36am - Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers has the latest on a suspicious small plane crash in CT ; 7:am - Andrea Parker, wi…
Who Won? Vote Now!
Clinton / Trump II lived up to the hype and the billing.  So now that you've watched the debate, who do you think won?  Vote now and call into to Kevin Miller to voice your opinion.
What Should Donald Trump Do?
What would October be during an election year without at least one October Surprise?  The Trump Campaign is trying to recover from a recording of Trump describing what he'd like to do to women.  Trump has apologized, however many prominent republicans have called on him to withdraw hi…
KIDO's Kevin Miller VP Debate Watch Party Video
Thanks to everyone who attended the vp debate at Dave & Buster's Tuesday Night.  If you couldn't make it, check out the video here.  Don't forget we're back at Dave & Buster's this Sunday night for Trump/Clinton II.  RSVP today at 901-3806.

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