'Homeland' Star Confirms THAT Character Is Really Dead
Homeland came to a quieter close than usual this year (kind of hard to top the real-life political circus), but with it, the Showtime drama seemingly said goodbye to one of its own … again. This time around, said star at least confirms the character gave their life, and reflects on the big sh…
'Homeland' Boss Wants to End the Series With Season 8
Even as Homeland largely sat out 2016, the series’ future is at least assured through Season 8; likely 2019 overall. There’s no telling what political landscape the series might have to reflect by then, but showrunner Alex Gansa thinks the next two seasons will likely prove the final, …
'Homeland' Boss Explains Quinn's Season 6 Return
Homeland fans with Showtime subscriptions have likely checked out the Season 6 premiere, in which a certain character’s fate is rather quickly revealed. Now, ahead of the official premiere, showrunners and stars explain why [SPOILER] is still kicking, and what it means for the series overall.

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