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Even Though Christmas is on the Brain, Don’t Forget About Camping for Next Summer – It’s Time to Reserve
We may be ramping right into winter and Holiday mode in the Treasure Valley and Gem State but this is a reminder not to totally set aside camping season in your mind. While yes, that seems silly unless you are carefully planning to surprise your kids, sibling, parents, friend or sweetheart with camping gear or survival gadgets. Reserving those sought after and prime camping sites for next year is a whole other part to think about.
This is the Smallest Town (Least Populated) in Idaho
When it comes to small towns, every state boasts at least one scenic mountain town, one pretty lake town, and one quirky small town destination, but only one can take the top spot as the absolute teeniest! For Idaho's ours only has three residents. But it is surrounded by a whole lot of beauty.