The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Boise
What I am laying out here is simply a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boise for 2021. By using a few metrics to sort in overall cost of living which includes: groceries, goods and services, real estate and rent prices.
Did Nostradamus Predict The Demise of This Idaho Town?
The topic of Nostradamus is fascinating. Some will tell you that he predicted significant events throughout history, while others are skeptical. In 1555, he published 942 quatrains that supposedly predicted future events. Because his writings are vague, it's easy to argue that many have come to…
Should Idaho Establish A Bigfoot Bounty?
Last year, a study by Satellite Internet showed that Idaho was ranked fourth in the country for Bigfoot sightings per 100,000 residents. With a state population of just over 1.7 million people, our 93 sightings make us a prime spot for running into a sasquatch...
Benefit BBQ and Raffle for Weiser Girl in Bad Accident
At Ridley's in Weiser, they treat each other like family. A week ago one of their own was in a horrible accident. Korri was partially ejected from her vehicle and rushed to the hospital. She was admitted to the ICU at St. Alphonsus in Boise. Her Ridley's family are doing a large BBQ at the…

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