James Comey

Comey's Testimony: What We Learned
While the world tuned in to watch former FBI Director James Comey provide testimony against Trump – no one expected the bombshells he dropped would clear Trump of wrongdoing, while suspecting that the Attorney General Loretta Lynch was working with the Clinton campaign and admitting that he hi…
Is James Comey Credible?
James Comey said President Trump defamed him when he fired him. He's shared his experience with the Senate today.  Comey admitted to leaking memos to pressure the country for a special prosecutor?  Are these the actions of an ethical Director of the FBI?
James Comey: Trick Or Treat?
If you listened to Hillary Clinton's reaction to James Comey announcing he'd found additional emails to investigate, you'd think it was the ninety nineties all over again.  Rumor has it that she's bringing back the 'Vast Right Wing' conspiracy angle.
Watch Clinton’s Hypocrisy on Comey
Hillary Clinton and the her democratic allies are claiming that she is a victim of an overzealous prosecutor.  If this sounds familiar, you would be correct.  Wasn't it just last week that the democratic nominee said that no one had ever questioned the results of an election.  That Trump was out of …