Michelle Obama

Tuesday 12/20/16 – Kevin Miller Show
Tuesday 12/20/16... Today's guests:  6:am - Former Navy SEAL Chris McKinley discusses current events, his book, "Undaunted", and more ;  6:40am - Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports on the Volkswagon emission promoblem ; 7:am - Longtime Boise financial planner…
Watch Bill O’Reilly Fire Back!
Watch Bill O'Reilly defend himself against the attacks on his character.  The Fox News Host brilliantly details his comments concerning Michelle Obama and slaves working at the White House.
Kevin Miller Wednesday Morning
Kevin Miller takes calls on the 61 Million Dollar boondoggle involving the state's internet system.
Kevin Miller interviews Senator Mike Crapo from Washington DC.  Senator Crapo reviews the week in Congress...
A Bald First Lady?
The Obamas love Jeopardy and Jeopardy loves the Obamas.  The First Lady recently made an appearance that has blown up on social media.  Is Michelle Obama bald?
Michelle Obama ‘Women are smarter than men’
As if we didn't have enough issues dividing us in our country and the world.  As you've seen from the video above, the first lady has given us her unsolicited take on the battle of the sexes.  The context of her statements involved her efforts to expand women's rights in oth…
Thursday 08/07/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Kevin Miller discusses two stories that are making national attention-  A North Carolina Restaurant’s decision to give a 15% discount to people who openly pray in public and the first lady’s comments that women are smarter than men. Today's guests:  7:am- Fox News reporter Tonya J Powers about the T…
Kevin Miller Thursday Morning
Kevin Miller reports on a restaurant that was giving a 15% discount to patrons who openly prayed.  They stopped the practice under threat of a lawsuit.  Kevin Miller took calls on the issue.
Kevin Miller revisits the Michelle Obama statement that 'women are smarter th…