Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: Oops He Did It Again
Could Romney be thinking about making an independent presidential run at President Trump? Or setting himself up as the leader of the post-Trump Republican Party after the president leaves office?
Romney's Right Move
Mitt Romney announced today that he would not seek the GOP Nomination for the Presidency in 2016.  Romney made the announcement this morning.
Isarel Attacked Kevin Miller Hotlist Edition
So much for lower gas prices this Summer.  First the Syrian Government is fighting a civil war.  Then Iraq blows up with the Sunnis battling the Shia.  Now it's Israrel verses the terrorist.  Thank goodness we have John Kerry as our Secretary of State to handle this mess...
Kevin Miller Hotlist Sean Hannity Edition
It's the weekend edition of the Kevin Miller Hotlist and in honor of the good times ahead we dedicate today's Hotlist to KIDO's Sean Hannity.  Whether it's Radio or other outlets, Sean has something to say and we're happy to have him on 580 KIDO...

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