A New Idaho Power Scam Alert
This is a new, local scam you'll want to be aware of.
Idaho Power posted on their Facebook Page:
Attention Idaho Power business customers: A new scam is afoot. People posing as Idaho Power are calling and demanding power bill payment over the phone...
Check Out Idaho's Fastest Growing Jobs
Idaho is a one of America's fastest growing states.  We see that daily with new subdivisions being built.  If you're looking for a new career or one with a future, then check out the fastest growing Gem State Jobs here.
Investors: Prepare For Trump
So, this one will cost you…
Obviously, this past week was historic.  We had an unlikely candidate do well in an unlikely way.  President Elect Donald Trump’s win changes everything in politics, how media follows and reports on politics, and how the world will han…
Boise Gas Prices Are About to Dip
Gas prices have been relatively low all summer, but Idaho is still paying higher prices than several states. Relief is on the way, and it could come before Halloween.

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