Friday 01/06/17 – Kevin Miller Show
Friday 01/06/17.. Kevin is joined by regular contributors and listeners to his show who are in studio for a belated holiday party.  Other guests: 6:06am - Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland reports on the Senate Russian hacking hearing ; 7:06am - Also, from Fox, Jeff Monosso has the latest on the re…
Friday 10/07/16 – Kevin Miller Show
Friday 10/07/16... Today's guests:  6:am - Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center previews the weekend presidential debate ; 6:36am - Fox News Radio's Jessica Golloher has the latest from Jerusalem on the Western Wall ; 7:am - Author Evan Roth Smith promotes his new book, "Putin's Master Pla…
Monday 07/20/15 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  5:am - Mike Baker, former covert operations officer with the CIA and president and co-founder of Diligence LLC, a private intelligence and security firm, spends and hour in studio with Kevin to discuss world events and a whole lot more;  6:am - Bob Neugebauer, publisher of the Gem S…
Friday 06/26/15 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  6:am - Josh Peterson of Watchdog dot org says lawmakers are looking to institute an internet sales tax;  7:40am - Julie Lynde from Cornerstone Family Council about Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage; 8:am - Boise Attorney Alan L. Morton joins Kevin in studio to disc…
Wednesday 03/18/15 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  6:am - Long time Idaho GOP activist Mike Tracy of the Boise PR firm, Tracy Consulting discusses politics with Kevin;  7:am - Boise attorney Alan L Morton joins Kevin in studio.
Wednesday 04/02/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guest list: 6:40am.. Fox News reporter Jared Halpern; 7:06am..Phil McGrane- candidate for Idaho Secretary of State; 7:40am.. Fox News reporter Jennifer Keiper; 8:06am.. Michael Petrilli- Executive Vice President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.
Monday 03/31/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests included: David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life; Dave Petso, local financial advisor/planner and radio talk show host; Big Ed Beckley, Texas stuntman who plans to jump the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls; Fox News reporters Simon Owen and Jennifer Keiper.
Tuesday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests included former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith, who's running again. Kevin also spoke with NNU professor Steve Ackerman and former CIA officer Mike Baker, host of "America Declassified" on the Travel Channel.
Friday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today, loyal listener Jim from Middleton brought Kevin homemade Italian sausage. Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies called in to discuss the latest amnesty bill before congress.

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