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Idaho's Next Governor The Final Two
After more than five thousand votes, we have our final two candidates for Idaho's Next Governor.  We started with roughly or nearly ten potential leaders and after two weeks of voting, you will decide who you believe is Idaho's future leader.
Vote For Idaho's Next Governor Now!
We now have two declared candidates that are running to be Idaho's next governor.  I know, we're talking about 2018 and not 2016.  This election will be a big deal.  So who do you think will run?  We've come up with a list of the potential candidates who've be…
KIDO Saturday Showdown
Live local talk returned to Saturday Afternoons on 580 KIDO.  Thanks to Patriot Ray, Tea Party Bob, and Too Fly Bry who joined the fun.  If you missed the show, check out the commercial free podcast.
Kevin Miller Saturday Morning
Kevin Miller and Dave Petso look at the markets as most companies get ready to file their quarterly reports.  Dave previews what's coming up next on Money Matters.
Kevin Miller and the panel debate family issues...
Kevin Miller Saturday Morning
Kevin Miller, Tea Party Bob, Patriot Ray and Pat from Middleton continue to discuss the post primary republican party.  The panel looks at a user fee for electric cars.  Kevin thanks the drive by liberal who yelled 'Obama is the best president' while visiting the panel...
Kevin Miller Saturday Morning
Kevin Miller, Patriot Ray, Pat from Middleton, and Tea Party Bob take a look at Memorial Day.  They share stories of sacrifice and bravery.  The panel urges the audience to really appreciate those that gave it all.
Kevin Miller, Tea Party Bob, Patriot Ray, and Pat Middleto…