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Idaho’s Skin Cancer Risk is Scary-High
This weekend is going to be a scorcher and it's going to feel like the sun is burning a hole right through us, and maybe it is. You won't believe how high Idaho ranks when it comes to skin cancer risk.
Five Skin Cancer Facts Every Idahoan Needs to Know
Idaho leads the nation when it comes to melanoma deaths. Here in the Gem State, we average 26 percent higher than the national average, with 40 Idahoans dying of melanoma every year according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's skin cancer state statistics. How can we break the statistics, and reduce the amount of deaths due to skin cancer? Here are skin cancer facts every Idahoan needs
Tuesday 07/22/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests: 6:40am- Dr. James Stewart, dermatologist with St. Alphonsus Cancer Center; 7:40am- Dave Olson with Boise National Forest; 8:40am- Ed Burnett, Canyon County Mosquito Abatement District.
Wednesday 04/16/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests: 6:am- Dr. James Stewart, dermatologist with St. Alphonsus hospital; 7:am- Julie Lynde, executive director of Cornerstone Family Council; 7:40am- Art Gregory, KIDO historian on the passing of former host Jon Duane; 8:am- Former state senator Nicole LeFavour on the "Add the Words" movement.