Real Estate seems to be the magical conversation starter these days. Especially here in the Treasure Valley where the market has been labeled everything from the "hottest" in the nation to the "most over-valued" in the nation.

What is it? The answer seems to just be: YES.

The influx of folks moving to the State of Idaho and really the Treasure Valley in particular is making the buying of homes become nearly impossible. If you've got a lot of money in hand--sure, you can settle into a home. The over-arching concern, however, is that locals--the people that were born and raised here--really have no way to survive in this market any longer. They're being outpriced of home purchases AND rentals.

Boise gets a lot of attention--but it's actually Salt Lake City who has stolen the show in terms of HOT housing markets.

Take for example...this home, for sale (and that has since been sold) for $575,000 and contaminated with meth:

Meth Contaminated House Sold For Over $500k

Sorry, what? For over $500,000, a home that is just hours from Boise was sold--while being contaminated with meth. It's sad to think that in this home, some folks lived battling addictions and surely other issues. It's easy to call this home ugly, gross, and disregard it-- however, for another family, one day, it will be where memories are made and safety is felt.
Before that phase happens, though, the house needs to be cleaned up. There are professionals that can do that--and since being sold those steps have been agreed upon. If only the home was more affordable!

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