It never ceases to amaze us--the sheer amount of amazing destinations for travelers to visit in Idaho. From tiny vacation town to expansive downtown nightlife scenes, scenic mountain tops to the depths of a canyon-- we have it all.

So what's all of the hype about Idaho on social media these days? Well according to some, the TOP place to visit this Spring is a waterfall in Eastern Idaho.

Standing as tall as a 10-story building in downtown Boise, the water thundering over this Eastern Idaho waterfall ledge is amazing. It is actually on the way to Yellowstone but really, it's worthy of a standalone trip as-is.

Take a look at the amazing Idaho-exclusive trip, below: 

The Idaho Waterfall That TikTok Can't Get Enough Of

There's something so powerful about a waterfall -- it's peaceful yet disruptive all at once. Here in Idaho, we're lucky to be surrounded by them but the internet recently got their hands (and eyes...and cameras) on one Idaho gem that is being dubbed a "Must Take Trip" this Spring. Take a look at the journey to this beautiful Eastern Idaho natural attraction with us.

Interested in seeing the the video that has so many planning trips to Eastern Idaho? Check it out, BELOW: 

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