This story is absolutely heartbreaking.

Dustin Johns, a local Army combat veteran, has struggled to come home after fighting oversees and adjust to daily live back in Boise. To help him cope, he found Frag, his best friend and PTSD service dog.

Frag has helped Dustin readjust to live in Boise, and his family members claim, Frag has helped them get their brother back again.

Tragically, on Sunday afternoon Frag was shot by Dustin's neighbors after the service animal had walked over to their yard.

Frag survived, but doctors had to perform emergency surgery to remove his spleen and repair part of his intestines.

Dusty is a great man, who needs this dog. Please help in any way you can to help save Frag, because Frag saved him.

We're sharing this story with all of you KIDO listeners, in hope that we can come together as a community and help in any way we can.  A GoFundMe page has been started to help pay for Frag's mounting vet bills.  If you can, please donate to this very worthy cause and show your appreciation for both Johns' and Frag's service.

Click HERE to view Dusty's PTSD Service Dog Vet Bill GoFundMe page.

*If you can't financially help, please consider sharing our Facebook post about this HERE to spread the word. From all of us at 580 KIDO, thank you!