Woah. Born in 1911, Helen Garoutte of Meridian turned 107 this year. Here's her secret to a long and fabulous life. 

I can't even wrap my brain around 107, but it doesn't slow Helen down. Born in Boise and raised in Eagle Helen recently rode a motorcycle and rafted the Payette River.

Helen told KTVB that her secrets to a long life are pretty simple. She has remained mentally and physically active and she says her garden has helped a lot with that.

I've seen that truth hold up with my own Grandfather who is 84 and still just as active as ever, much in thanks to his garden.

Helen says,

There are a lot of weeds to pull, lots of garden to hoe, and just be active in physical and mental.

Helen's work history includes working at the Boise Library in the children's section. She also brings up an interesting time in the Treasure Valley's history when there weren't any cars, just an Interurban Rail System that ran from 1891 to 1928 and made a loop from Boise to Star to Caldwell, Meridian, and then back to Boise again.

Thank you for inspiring us Helen and we hope you continue to live your very best life all the rest of your days.

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