Today's guests:  6 a.m. – Phil Kerpen from American Commitment says the FCC is behind on the issue of WiFi.  Kevin Miller reports on a developing story from a local restaurant involving several citizens who were wearing their firearms while eating.  According to published reports, the owner/manager told the group that several folks were concerned about them wearing their firearms in public.  Several folks call in to voice their support for the Second Amendment.  Kevin Miller reports on the visit by Democratic Presidential Candidate Julian Castro's appearance last night at Boise State University.; 6:35 a.m. – Fox News Radio’s Rachel Sutherland reports former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is set to testify publicly this morning; 7 a.m. – David Drucker from the Washington Examiner says establishment Republicans will be President Trump’s biggest roadblock for re-election in 2020.  Kevin Miller reports on a proposed bill that would allow citizens that have completed the state's enhanced conceal carry permit to enter schools without the permission of the school board.  Current state law requires gun owners to get permission from the local school board to enter school property.  Several folks called in to express their belief that gunfree zones kill people.; 8 a.m. – Psychologist Dr Marty Nemko says the Jussie Smollett case is just the latest in Trump Derrangement Syndrome.  Kevin Miller takes calls while covering the Michael Cohen testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

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