Tuesday 09/18/18 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests; 6 a.m. – Cyber Security expert Michael Daugherty discusses everything from London to Skynet.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest allegations against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Kevin Miller takes calls from folks supporting the judge...
What’s New on Amazon Prime: October 2018
It’s that time again: Prepare your Amazon Prime queues because you’re going to be adding a whole bunch of new movies and shows to your lists come October. And yes, there are plenty of spooky titles to get you in the mood for Halloween, including classics like Carrie and newer releases …
Idaho Humane Society Rescued 77 Cats from a Hoarder
Twenty cats were found crammed into the bathroom of a Treasure Valley motel room in July, and seventy-seven were rescued in all. Charges are pending against the woman accused of hoarding, and the cats are being nursed back to health and are almost ready for adoption.
Monday 09/17/18 – Kevin Miller Show
Kevin Miller begins Monday's show by covering the latest concerning Idaho Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Paulette Jordan.  Several staffers have quit suddenly throwing her campaign into turmoil.  Kevin Miller took calls from listeners reacting to the news...

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