New Site Tells You if a Film Is Connected to Any Alleged Abusers
The enduring debate about whether you can truly separate the art from its artist imploded this year in the wake of numerous sexual misconduct scandals involving powerful Hollywood men. As allegations continue to surface from every corner of the industry, cinephiles and TV viewers have grown more con…
Treasure Valley Wal-Mart Stores are Changing Their Name
You can't throw a rock around Boise without hitting a Wal-Mart store.
Now when you throw said rocks, you'll be throwing them at a store with a different name.
This isn't just happening in Idaho. A nation-wide change is happening for the behemoth retail chain...
If You See a Scarf on a Tree, Here's What it Means
If you see a scarf hanging on a tree outside around Boise, or even inside the mall on one of those Christmas trees, it's no accident.

There's meaning behind the scarves left lying around town, and those who find them "fitting" can keep them.
Tuesday 12/12/17 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  6:22 a.m.- Kevin  and WVNN Radio show host Dale Jackson in Huntsville, Alabama discuss today's election and Roy Moore ; 6:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Gurnal Scott reports live from Montgomery, Alabama ; 7 a.m. - Economy expert Kerry Lutz says the NFL is on it…

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