What's Next for Raul
He missed his family and friends in Idaho. Mr. Labrador could build a new conservative group that would reflect his traditional values.
Monday 06/18/18 – Kevin Miller Show
Kevin Miller reports on the latest from the southern border of the United States of America.  He takes calls from folks who voice their support of the Trump Administration's policy on border security.  Kevin Miller takes calls on from folks who attended the Boise Pridefest ceremony ov…
A Father's Day Thanks to all Dads
In a perfect world, popular culture would celebrate the sacrifice of Dads on every platform. That's a wish that I have until that happens, we can do our very best to tell Dad in person and writing, how they inspired us to be who we are.
Friday 06/15/18 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests: 6 a.m. – Curtis Houck of Newsbusters says the proof is out – the FBI was trying to stop Trump from becoming President.  Kevin Miller and Curtis report on how the inspector general detailed the shenanigans of several FBI agents...

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