The Army has finally concluded its investigation involving Army Sergent Bowe Bergdahl and charged him with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy.  If convicted he could get life in prison to five years in prison.  (Here's the complete list of charges here.)   The Army will have a formal hearing at the end of May.

The nation's talking heads are angry at the president for cutting the deal to release Bergdahl.  Susan Rice did not help matters by saying he served with honor and distinction.  I guess the Department of the Army would disagree with her assessment.

The anti-Bowe sentiment continued when it was learned that five of the most dangerous Taliban Leaders were traded for his release.  So much for we don't negotiate with terrorists.  Couple that with the story of lives lost searching for Bowe and the president's non apology and the anger is justified.  Should we be angry at Bowe?  His parents?  President Obama?

I'm amazed that so many people who have never been to Idaho, let alone Hailey, are instant experts on Bowe Bergdahl.  (A disclaimer, I once walked from Hailey, Idaho to Boise to raise awareness for Sgt. Bergdahl.  I spent time with his parents and urged the government to work to release him.)  I would hope that we would let the Army decide what his fate will be.  It will be up to Army investigators to determine if five years of captivity in the Taliban mitigates military punishment.

I would like to thank all of those folks in Idaho and across the country who believed in Bowe.  It's now up to the military courts to decide his fates not the talking heads.