Whether you're a fan or not of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, you'll love the 7.2 acre memorial dedicated to his presidency.  The 32nd president guided America through the Great Depression and rallied the country after Pearl Harbor.  One of the many unique features of the FDR Memorial is the moving tributes to the people, symbols, and quotes used to inspire America through a challenging time in world history.

Among the many photos you'll see in the photo gallery are the life size statues of Americans standing in lines for bread, a young person listening to his Roosevelt's 'fireside chats' on the radio and a statue of FDR with his beloved dog Fala.  The dog was so loyal to FDR, that when the president passed, the dog circled his body and wouldn't leave his side.

The memorial features several water areas that reflect the Great Depression, The Tennessee Valley Authority, World War II,  FDR's death, and the accomplishments of the Roosevelt Presidency.  You'll also see a statue to Eleanore Roosevelt which is the only statue to a first lady.  This is a tribute to her devotion to the United Nations.

The memorial was dedicated in 1997 by President Bill Clinton.  Another interesting fact was the designers wanted to make sure that those with special needs would have complete access to the memorial.  There is a statue of FDR in a wheelchair even though his use of one was not known to the American Public during the time of his presidency.