USA verses Germany?  You'll read and see that everywhere.  Today's Kevin Miller Hotlist focuses on what really matters to you.  Not goals and soccer balls, it's liberty verses tyranny.  Let's get started.

Chuck Grassley, senator from Iowa, joins the Tea Party, conservatives, and other innocent Americans target by the IRS according to Yahoo.

The president has gown where no other president has gone.  He has ignored and now rewritten the constitution says Johnathan Turley in Real Clear Politics.

It's swimsuit season.  Want to figure out how to fit into your swim suit?  Here's a free way to lose weight from the Independent.

It's not a good day at the Supreme Court for President Obama.  Can they save America?  Maybe the IRS or the NSA will investigate the high court?  Here are the details from today's NY Times.

John Boehner, the speaker of the House, has decided to sue the president of the united states.  Whatever happened to impeachment?  Pick an issue.  Somehow this could influence the immigration debate says the Washington Examiner.

Another victory for the First Amendment from the Supreme Court this time involving abortion from the Washington Times.

Gregg Jarrett of Fox News was arrested in the Minneapolis Airport.  I've known Gregg for years and he's always been great to me.  However it seems like nothing good ever happens in the Minneapolis Airport.  The video from You Tube.

Karl Rove has been on the sidelines for quite sometime.  What's he up to when he's not on Fox News?  It's all about the money writes Politico.

The Tea Party and the Establishment continue to fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.  Just how much is this costing the Establishment to take down the Tea Party?  Is it worth it?  Let's find out from Politico.

Marriage is under attack and now is optional with the Millennial Generation.  A large number of children are being out of wedlock reports CNS News.