Chuck Todd is the new host of Meet the Press and David Gregory is out.  So much for commitment from NBC to their talent.  Heck, it was the worst kept secret in media.  So the smarmy Gregory is replaced by the opportunistic Todd.  Oh how the Kevin Miller Hotlist misses Tim Russert.

It's official David Gregory is out and Chuck Todd is in as host of Meet the Press reports The New York Times.

The president is not getting rave reviews for his speech concerning the violence in Ferguson, Missouri.  The executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police had a few choice comments about the president reports The Hill.

The sad tale of Robin Williams' life continues to unfold.  His wife revealed that he was beginning to battle Parkinson's Disease says The Washington Times.

As Congress and the press try to figure out where all the VA Money went, a new report indicates a green focus for the agency from The Washington Free Beacon.

The militarization of local police department across the country continue.  Now local police departments have been given grenade launchers by the military says The Washington Examiner.

Senator Rand Paul wants the military taken out of the police reports Time.

NASCAR Racer Tony Stewart will miss another race according to the Associated Press.

Do you have a right to record the Police?  Find out here from Yahoo.

They're cheap, taste great, and now research confirms that Ramen Noodles and other products may kill you reports Yahoo.

Here's a clip of James Gandolfini's last role here.