They’re Back! A crew from the TV show "COPS" has been working with officers from the Boise Police Department, filming for the Spike TV network show.

This will be the second time since 2007 that the show has featured Boise. The last time they were in town they produced 8 segments. In a press release from the Boise Police Department, the COPS crew stayed for eight weeks during the summer, traveling with officers 40 hours a week—usually on night shifts. They taped 11 segments, which appeared in eight episodes.

Chief Bones said, "It has been a great opportunity to not only show how beautiful the city and people of Boise are, but also to show what it's like in the daily life of a BPD officer". Zach Ragsdale, "COPS" producer, said: "We captured a lot of different types of calls, anywhere from car stops and drugs to domestic violence calls."

The crew is wrapping up their eighth week in Boise.

They've been riding on patrol five days a week and expect to have around 13 segments out of Boise this time around.