US District Court Judge B Lynn Winmill has ruled that Idaho's Ag Gag Law is unconstitutional by violating the First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution.  The law was passed by the Idaho Legislature and signed into law by Governor Otter in 2014.  The law prohibits anyone from filming/videoing on someone's property without the owner's permission.  Several animal rights activist believe the law was enacted as a direct response to the Mercy For Animals 2012 investigation of the Bettencourt Dairies, Idaho's Largest Dairy Farm.

   Nathan Runkle, President of Mercy For Animals, praised the decision. "This is a victory for the Constitution, and animals, and consumers nationwide.  Judge Winmill's decision to strike down Idaho's dangerous unconstitutional ag-gag law is the first step towards transparency in US Food Production."

Mercy for Animals has announced that they will begin to once again investigate Idaho Farms.  No word from the Governor's Office on when or if the state will appeal the decision.