830AM-9AM  Kevin thanks the Nampa Kiwanis club for having him speak at their luncheon yesterday at the Hong Kong Cafe in Nampa.  Kevin takes calls on Nampa in investigating the Filer Police Officer who shot and killed a dog.

8AM-830AM  Kevin is joined by Reverend Bill Roscoe of the Boise Rescue Mission.  The group is opening the new Lighthouse Rescue Mission in Nampa.  Reverend Bill discusses the need for donations to the mission throughout the year.

730AM-8AM  Senator Curt McKenzie joins Kevin, Tony, and Ryan... unnamed mystery guest stops in to be seen and not heard.  The panel continues to debate gun laws in Idaho.

7AM-730AM Tony Snesko and Ryan Jenks join Kevin detailing the inside details of the campus carry legislation in the state senate.  Tony and Ryan ask the public to call their representatives to support the second amendment.

630AM-7AM  Kevin takes calls on the Nampa PD investigating the Filer dog shooting.  Jim calls in and debates Kevin.  Jim believes Kevin is prejudging the situation.  Kevin says watch the tape.  George, Patriot Ray, and Tom Munds call in to voice their opinion.

6AM-630AM Congressman Mike Simpson checks in with details over the debt ceiling deal in Washington.  He tells Kevin he's concerned about the Fed and inflation.  They discuss the state of the Republican Party in Idaho and America.

530AM-6AM  Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at Valentine's Day in the Treasure Valley.  Kevin thanks the Nampa Kiwanis Club for hosting him over lunch yesterday.  Kevin urges folks to check out his blog about true love and relationships on 580kido.com.