Hobby Lobby wins so says the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  What does this mean to you and your workplace?  How about the other SCOTUS decisions that came down today?  We have the very latest news plus reaction in today's Kevin Miller's Hotlist.

Hobby Lobby spent their time and energy to take on Obama Care.  SCOTUS ruled that they were right and the government was wrong says the Associated Press.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is mad and she let's everyone know it in her dissent from the National Journal.

SCOTUS says you cannot force members to pay dues that cover collective bargaining efforts.  It's not a good day for the unions says the Associated Press.

A CNN host has compares the radical Shiite militia to our own Tea Party.  I wish this were shocking news but it isn't.  The left will use any method to discredit the right.  The video from Real Clear Politics.

ISIS makes fun of President Obama.  Go to the end of the video where they openly mock POTUS from the Gateway Pundit.

One prominent senator says the president will 'borrow' power to solve the immigration crisis?  Is that like the Fed continuing to borrow money that they will never pay back?  The details of the power grab from CNS News.

Chris Wallace confronts a democratic congressman about the where the president gets the legal authority for all of his recent executive orders.  A must see video from the Daily Caller.

The reaction to the Hobby Lobby ruling is to be expected.  The Republicans support SCOTUS, while the democrats and the White House denounce it from the Washington Examiner.

Bibles have been kicked off US Military Bases.  However, when it comes to the Muslim Holiday of Ramadan, US troops have been ordered to follow Islamic practices says Fox Nation.

Facebook is playing with your mind.  Is Facebook trying to lose customers?  First Facebook charges users for distribution and now the mind games.  The details provided by Yahoo.