The GOP Establishment cannot beat The Donald at the polls.  Read how they plan to derail the billionaire from getting the GOP Nomination.    Donald Trump warned the Republican Party to treat him fairly or else he won't rule out running as a third-party candidate in the general election.  The Trump Camp wants to make sure that he doesn't get the same treatment as past insurgent candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Sanatorium.  Remember how the Romney Machine chewed up both candidates during the last primary cycle?

If the GOP antagonizes Trump, he'll run as an alternative in November which could cost the GOP the election.  So far that warning has worked in keeping the smear machine at bay.  The strategy could backfire if two states get their way.

The Virginia and North Carolina Republican Parties are looking at changing their rules in allowing candidates on the ballot reports Politico.   Leaders are looking at requiring all candidates to support the eventual Republican Nominee if they want to qualify for ballot access.  The move could push the Donald to leave the Republican Party.

Party leaders believe such a move will unite the party and not divide it.  Lawyers are meeting in Virginia and North Carolina discussing what's their next move.  I'm sure we won't have to wait long to find out what the Donald thinks!