The Idaho Legislature has seen several proposals to expand second amendment rights in the Gem State.  Campus Carry was rejected before it was voted into law last year.  This year's controversy revolves around Constitutional Carry led by Greg Pruett and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

They want the Republican-dominated House to allow HB 89 (Constitutional Carry) a hearing before the committee.  The move would allow all Idahoans to make their case for the bill in public.  If enough representatives in the committee approve the bill, it then goes to the full House for the vote to become law.  The problem, according to House leadership, is that the bill's language is flawed so it will go nowhere.

The legislation is a product of the grass roots led group the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance that was started by Mr. Pruett and friends.  They began their quest by standing outside the Boise Gun Company during the winter several years ago.  The activists collected over three thousand signatures presenting them to the legislature.  Over the years, gun activists have been told to be patient and they would get a hearing.  That hasn't happened and apparently will not this year.

The Republican Leadership with the backing of the NRA drafted their version of Constitutional Carry (HB243).  If passed, the bill would eliminate elected officials from being exempt of mandatory conceal firearm training.  It would clarify where an Idahoan can and cannot carry concealed firearms.  A similar bill passed the House last year 62-7, but was shot down in the Senate.  Many Statehouse watchers expect the bill to pass both and be signed by Governor Otter.

Elected officials will symbolically claim that Idaho is the most pro second amendment state in the union.  The press will drink the verbal kool-aid from politicians without challenge while missing the greater point.  The irony is that Idaho's 'conservative' legislature allowed the 'add the words' activists a hearing while ignoring the very patriots who supported them.  The Idaho Legislature should listen to the law abiding and not reward the law breaking.