So much for lower gas prices this Summer.  First the Syrian Government is fighting a civil war.  Then Iraq blows up with the Sunnis battling the Shia.  Now it's Israrel verses the terrorist.  Thank goodness we have John Kerry as our Secretary of State to handle this mess.  Let's get started!

The Iron Dome is the Israeli Missile Defense System.  It's getting quite the workout according to the Jerusalem Post.

Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Johnny Manziel, possibly Lebron James and now the convention home of the 2016 Republican National Convention from

Our friend Ed Klein is at it again and this time the Clintons are really mad at him.  Klein's book is a best seller and Hillary's in basement says the business insider.

The conditions of the illegal immigrates coming across the border is that you can see the lice running down their faces says the Gateway Pundit.

The Feds care about your health.  They don't want you to be fat or get fat.  They care so much they spent over 400,000 to make sure mothers dance with their daughters for weight loss reports the Washington Free Beacon.

Could we one day read about the antiquated commitment of marriage?  Hard to believe that more children are born out of wedlock than in from the Washington Times.

First marriage and now bartenders?  Major League Baseball Parks are introducing machines that will pour you a beer without the need of a bartender reports ABC Los Angeles.

COSTCO gives Dinesh D'Souza's new book reports World Net Daily.

Mitt Romney is campaigning across the country supporting establishment candidates.  We saw his ad for Mike Simpson in the primary and we'll probably see him again campaigning in the fall for Butch Otter.  Romney has said repeatedly that he will not run for president again.  So why does one congressman believe Romney will win the White House in 2016 from CBS DC.

Mercedes Benz debuts the self driving truck in Germany says