This just in Risch, wins, Simpson wins, and Labrador wins.  All three give speeches about their hopes to pass legislation.  The only new element I can report is how Rocky Barker and Dan Popkey keep passing our table without saying high.  Big Props to Melissa Devlin of Idaho Public Television who is very excited about covering tonight's election.  The local TV reporters are here.  It's nice to see the commitment from our broadcast brethren.

Several people continue to yap as Congressman Labrador speaks, someone actually tells the people in the back to shush... because they want to hear what the congressman says. One point that will not be covered by the media is the sheer amount of work that these folks gathered have done over the last few months.

Tonight is the culmination of hours spent pounding the pavement, calling folks on the phone, dollars donated, and well I could go on and on.  The republic is alive and well in Idaho tonight.  There are lots of hugs going on here tonight.  Still no big local announcements about who won or lost.  It looks live the governor will have positive coattails tonight.