Kevin Miller gets the latest from Washington from Fox News Radio's Jared Halpern.  They look over the Cantor loss, the grassroots movement in the primaries, and Congressman Labrador being mentioned for a house republican leadership position.


Kevin Miller is joined by Blaine County Commissioner Larry Shoen.  They look at the public and private reaction to the Bowe Bergdahl story.  Commissioner Shoen urges folks to visit Sun Valley.


Kevin Miller interviews former state senator Nicole Lefavor.  Kevin and Nicole go over the same sex issue in Idaho and whether or not 'add the words' should become state law.  They take callers on the issues mentioned above.


Kevin Miller is joined live by Fox News Radio Reporter Emily Wither live from the Middle East.  They look over the recent events in Iraq.  The impact on oil prices in Idaho and the world.  Emily details the world reaction to the unraveling of Iraq.


Kevin Miller reports that Bowe Bergdahl is now in America.  Kevin Miller looks at the reaction to Bowe being home.  He defends Bowe's parents and takes calls from listeners.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Kevin's trip to Reno.  They go over the congressional shakeup in DC, Meridian's proposed 104 million dollar levy,  trouble in Iraq, and Glenn Beck's appearance on the Sean Hannity Show yesterday on 580 KIDO.