Kevin Miller interviews Idaho State Treasurer Ron Crane.  Mr. Crane updates everyone on the state's bond rating and reveals that major hedge funds are investing in Idaho.  Kevin and Mr. Crane go over the unclaimed money program designed to give taxpayers back money that they're owed.


Kevin Miller is joined by young conservative activist Chas Baines.  Chas gives Kevin the youth perspective on the events of the day.  They take calls from folks who are interested in what the young people have to say.


Kevin Miller hears from State GOP Chairman Barry Peterson.  Barry responds to press reports about the state republican party.  Barry says Kevin Miller is the only objective source of information in the Treasure Valley.


Kevin Miller speaks with Bryan Fischer, Director of Issue and Analysis for the American Family Association, about cultural issues.  Bryan gives his insight into the Mississippi Senate Race.  Kevin and Bryan go over national election news and how it impacts the lives of folks in Idaho.


Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radio Jennifer Keiper concerning the latest GM Recall.  Kevin wonders how safe GM cars are?  Jennifer details what a investigator has found out what GM knew and when did they know it.

Kevin takes calls on World Cup Soccer.


Kevin Miller gives his take on World Cup Soccer and compares it to American Sports.  He's critical of a system that rewards losing.  Kevin states that if elections were held by FIFA rules, John McCain would still be running for president.

Kevin looks at the tenure of state GOP Chairman Barry Peterson.  He talks about loyalty and friendship.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss two big issues.  They begin with the Buzzfeed story covering Bob Bergdahl's alleged outreach to the Taliban.  They both add their prospective.  Dave gives his as a father and Kevin gives his insight from his interview with Bob Bergdahl.