Good Morning from LionHeart Tactical on State Street!


Kevin Miller is joined by Jim from Star and Pat.  Jim describes how Pat pulled a gun out from her bra and takes issue with her gun etiquette.  Pat and Jim argue and take calls on the whether women should carry guns in their bras.


Kevin Miller learns from Too Fly Bri that he has issues with the Meridian Library.  Tony Snesko joins the conversation.  Gun Rights Attorney Alex Kincaid explains the recent Supreme Court involving firearms.  Alex goes over some of her gun rights cases.


Kevin Miller is joined by Bruce from the NRA and Tea Party Bob from Lion Heart Tactical.  Bruce promotes a fund raiser and Tea Party Bob eats some scones from Merritt's.  Too Fly Bri comes in to support the crew.


Kevin Miller entertains Liberal Steve, Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, and Oh from Eagle.  Tea Party Bob arrives and takes advantage of the free scones from Merritt's.  Oh from Eagle and Liberal Steve renew their debate.  Oh says he will not shoot anyone who doesn't deserve it.


Kevin Miller is joined by Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, discussing the Bill of Rights.  Kevin Miller welcomes Liberal Steve to the discussion.  Oh from Eagle stops in and will join the group next hour.


Kevin Miller is joined by Greg Pruett of the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance.  Greg covers the history of the fight to keep the 2nd Amendment in Idaho.  He expands on the opposition to the 2nd Amendment in Idaho.

Kevin Miller and Greg preview what's next for the 2nd Amendment in the legislature.

Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, stops in to give his take on the gun issue.  He talks about the limits of the 2nd Amendment.  Kevin asks someone to boo Alan's take.


Kevin Miller and Robin take a look at the new reality show 'Way out West' on Tru TV.  They cover topics ranging from Batman's 75th anniversary to Big Ed's jump of the Snake River.  Kevin confesses he's more Peter Sellers than Chuck Norris.