Kevin Miller is joined by Governor Otter who talks about last night's debate.  He takes calls from listeners about his vision for Idaho.  Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Carlson from Triple A Idaho.  He shares Halloween safety tips and discusses gas prices in Idaho.


Kevin Miller goes over the case involving Eagle High School Teacher Clay Hatfield who could lose his job.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners that support Mr. Hatfield.  Pro Life calls in to announce that the governor will be re elected.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the economy with Dr. Peter Crabb of NNU.  They look at the deal that brought Amy's Kitchen to Idaho, privatizing federal lands, and the roll of corporations.  Kevin Miller and Dr. Crabb look at the challenges of student loan debt and jobs for young people.


Kevin Miller looks at a case involving the possible removal of a teacher at Eagle High School.  He takes calls on the debate, Chris Christie, and education.


Kevin Miller exclusively speaks with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio about national and local issues.  Sheriff Joe tells Kevin Miller about his fight to hold people accountable.  He goes in depth about the challenges of dealing with illegal immigration.  He tells Kevin about Mickey the Pitt Bull.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at last night's TV options...Did they most people watch the NFL, the college game, the NBA Game or the gubernatorial debate?  Dave looks at the NFL game and Kevin goes over the governor's debate.