Kevin Miller interviews Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson.  The Commissioner tells Kevin Miller the economic impact of tomorrow night's MW Football Championship Game in Boise.

Kevin Miller takes listener calls on the game.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dr. Robert Gusentine concerning a possible water shortage in Idaho and America.  Dr. Gusentine shares with Kevin Miller that water one day will be a commodity traded like oil.


Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the high cost of tickets at college football games.  He reports on China overtaking America as the world's largest economy.  He details how the jobs have left the country helping the Chinese Economy.


Kevin Miller looks at cost of attendance and price of tickets to Boise State Football Games.  Several folks call in to complain about the high cost of tickets.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio.  They discuss the rising cost of premiums due to Obama Care.

Kevin Miller explains Notre Dame's new college course for credit called White Privilege.  Kevin Miller takes calls on both issues.


Kevin Miller reports on a story involving a controversy involving the successful prosecution of a 45 year old black man in Canyon County for lewd conduct with a 17 year old girl and sexual battery of a 13 year old girl.

The issue is whether the prosecutor quoting the song Dixie, was a racist statement and caused the conviction?Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the lack of ticket sales for tomorrow night's Mountain West Championship Game.  They debate whether or not Boise is a sports town.  Kevin Miller and Dave debate the possible decline of college football.