You would think that the NFL controls our economy and our national destiny; the way the media continues to cover the misadventures of Adrian Peterson and Roger Goodell.  How the mighty have fallen when it comes to Goodell.  Last year Sports Illustrated declared him the most powerful commissioner in sports.

Goodell's leadership is responsible for league revenues rising an incredible twenty five percent. Who needs accountability when you're making the green?  Has the Kevin Miller Hotlist gone all sports?  Nope, let's get started.

Any publicity is good publicity so says PT Barnum.  CBS Boss Les Moonves says football is still king according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The SAT or the ACT use to be the standard for getting into college.  One college has decided that your online sexual history will be a requirement for admission says campus reform.

David Gregory is mad at the press and here's what he says about getting the boot from Meet the Press reports Politico.

Senator Bob Corker rips Secretary of State John Kerry over ISIS and Senator Barbara Boxer is shaking.  The details provided by Breitbart.

Another day, another IRS hard drive crash says the daily caller.

According to the president, there will be no boots on the ground to fight ISIS.  According to his generals, there will be boots on the ground to fight ISIS.  The disjointed strategy detailed in the daily beast.

Ann Coulter shares her to do list to save America from Human Events.

A new study indicates body odor and political are compatible.  So what does liberal or conservative smell like?  The background from the Huffington Post.

Doctors do not give Obama Care a clean bill of health reports the Washington Examiner.

No one likes the media.  Why is this news?  Here's the report from the Washington Free Beacon.