The Boston Marathon is back and so is the Kevin Miller Hotlist.  We proudly profile all the great runners who came back to Boston literally and figuratively.  Whether or not you were running up and down the hills of the 117 year old marathon or monitoring its results, today we are all Boston Strong.

For the first time since the 1980's an American has won the Boston Marathon.  Nothing against the global folks, but what a great day for American Meb Keflezighi says the Boston Herald.

It's not looking good for liberal David Gregory the host of third place Meet the Press.   It's one thing to take a show from number one to number three, it's so bad that NBC has hired a shrink to try and fix him says the Washington Post.

Editor's note... The problem with Meet the Press is that David Gregory does not represent a fairly moderated show.  Tim Rusert may have been biased, but he was always well researched.  The conversation, whether the host was left or right, was always the star.  I sometimes find myself watching MTP and wondering what country are they talking about?  Too many looney left carryovers from MSNBC and not enough credible guests from NBC if that exists anymore.

Gregory should focus on the program and not his endless smirky quirky attempts at gotcha questions that alienate the viewer.  Sorry, back to the Kevin Miller Hotlist.

It's time for the West to regain their lands.  Over fifty lawmakers from nine Western States met in Salt Lake City last Friday figure out how to take control of their lands says The Salt Lake Tribune.

Do you remember the Sagebush Rebellion?  The BLM verses the Bundy Ranch is  the beginning of its revival says Thomas Barr in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Do not mess with goats, I repeat do not mess with goats, okay here's what happens when you mess with a goat from You Tube.

Harry Reid has called the folks defending the Bundy Ranch domestic terrorists.  Marc Thiessen details Reid's disturbing name calling pattern in today's Washington Post.

Jimmy Carter's son supports the right of folks to have confederate flags on their license plates says The Washington Times.

Our spy flights over Russia are back in the air.  So if they're spy flights, why has Russia given their approval?  Bill Gertz has the details in today's Washington Free Beacon.

The Oklahoma Militia has now joined the Bundy Ranch effort and here's why from KFOR.

Bill O'Reilly writes about the booming grievance industry from