Please consider this edition of the Kevin Miller Hotlist your inoculation from the World Cup propaganda permeating throughout the airways.   Soccer maybe the world's sport, but the KM Hotlist favors college football as the sport.  So don't worry about being shunned for not drinking the World Cup Kool Aid. Remember Soccer is a socialist sport that teaches its participants that everyone kicks the ball.  Football is capitalism where only a few thrive.

Why one pundit does not like Soccer.  These are words to live by and will provide you with plenty of intellectual ammunition to debate all the World Cup promoters.  The story from Stephen Moore at Fox News.

Published reports indicate that Americans don't like Soccer because of the flopping.  An in depth report from the Boston Globe attempts to explain our contempt for futbol.

Can the National Guard stop the recent invasion on our southern borders?  Will it happen?  Find out from the Washington Times.

The generals asked the president to keep troops in Iraq to avoid the unthinkable.  Well now that Iraq is blowing up, the back story of how it all went bad from the Washington Times.

Speaking of behind the scenes, here's a preview of a new tell all book about the Tonight Show with Jay Leno from the Daily Mail.

A ten year old white girl is beaten and called a 'cracker'.  Is this a hate crime?  You decide from The Blaze.

IRS bigwig Lois Lerner's email have been lost.  Shocking!  Perhaps we could call Edward Snowden to help find them.  John Fund explains how this happened from the National Review.

Have you ever wondered what is the 'secret state'?  Is it something from 24, Homeland, or the Dark Night.   The following is a story the government does not want you to read from The Independent.

LGBT organizers in San Francisco have banned the National Guard from participating in the 'pride parade' weekend.  So much for tolerance reports CBS San Fransisco.

The Feds had a record haul when it comes to your tax money reports CNS News.