It's voting day in Idaho and a few other primary states  Never mind the media's spin about low voter turnout.  Your vote matters and so does the Kevin Miller Hotlist with the latest tales trending in the Valley and Worldwide.  Let's get started.

The president wants amnesty and it looks like his first step along with his pentagon lackeys is to allow the illegals to serve in the American Military reports the Associated Press.

It looks like President Obama has a modern day version of Richard Nixon's enemies list.  If you oppose him, he will lock you up writes Dr. Jerome Corsi in World Net Daily.

A woman in the Sudan will be killed because she is a Christian.  Her husband is fighting to save her life and the life of his 20 month old son reports CNS News.

So the CIA uses a vaccine program to get DNA that allowed us to kill Osama Bin Laden.  The CIA kills Osama  and now the president announces an end to this successful program writes Yahoo News.

Smoking has been proven dangerous, just ask the surgeon general.  Now a new study indicates that handshakes maybe just as dangerous for your health according to CBS Denver.

A whistle blower who blew the whistle on VA scandal now says he's getting harassed for telling the truth.  Aren't there laws protecting whistle blowers?  Well no one is protecting this guy reports CBS St. Louis.

The clouds over Wyoming are drawing national attention.  Really clouds in Wyoming are drawing national and international attention says USA Today.

June 2nd is the release date for season three of Longmire on A&E.  Anyone who lives in the West should watch this show.  What makes it so special is detailed by the Akron Beacon Journal.

It looks like the fictional days of self driving cars are over.  The California Department of Motor Vehicles has created rules for self driving cars according to CBS Sacramento.

The president is slated to claim over 500,000 acres of New Mexico land tomorrow.  The local sheriff says it's an expressway for the illegals to enter America reports the Washington Times.