No were not talking the return of the Fairness Doctrine.  The attack on free, and in this case, conservative speech intensifies from the government.  The Kevin Miller Hotlist has the story plus everything else you need to know to wind down, rev up or get informed.  Let's get started!

This one is too big to ignore.  The Feds are now looking at international outlets such as Matt Drudge, national outlets such as the Sean Hannity Show, and local outlets like Kevin Miller in the Morning to be regulated by the government.  The details are spelled out in today's Washington Examiner.

The world would be a better place if Senator Jeff Sessions were president.  He details why Obama's guest worker program is a disaster for the American worker in The Blaze.

Oh boy, as a consequence of everyone seeking to redefine marriage, same sex, polygamy, etc, a man wants the right to marry his computer says The Telegraph.

Bill Clinton cheats on his wife.  Is impeached and cops a deal involving perjury.  His mistress Monica Lewinsky claims victim hood and it's the Republicans who are the bad guys?  Let's go back to the nineties says The Christian Science Monitor.

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is the leader of a new house committee determined to find out the truth about Benghazi?  Is he qualified?  Who is Trey Gowdy?  Those questions answered and more from The New York Times.

Forget Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton wants to take your guns says the Chicago Sun Times.

Would you buy  cup of coffee from a bikini clad woman?  It's the rage in Spokane, Washington reports ABC News.

The cast of the Avengers continues to grow with the addition of Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch according to Yahoo.

Here's what happens when you lose too much weight from the Today Show.

Here's how to live to the age of 90 from CBSNews.