The Kevin Miller Hotlist is rolling and the staff came very close to naming it Obama Wins today.  However we are wondering whether the seven point one million enrollees are legitimate.  So the editorial direction went to the GM Recall hearings heard today in the Senate.  We will be monitoring to see if GM is held accountable for the Chevy Cobalt disaster.

'Would you let your son drive a Cobalt?'  That's one of the many questions GM CEO Mary Barra has been asked by the Senate says NBC.  A complete history of GM passing the buck is provided by the NY TIMES.

You know the old saying, 'the devil is in the details.'  That phrase, along with a few others that we can't share, describes the controversial Obama Care Law.  The president claims victory and tells his critics to shut up says Time Magazine.

However are the numbers real?  Doing his best Lee Corso, (not so fast my friend) Fox News Contributor and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer says the numbers are fake according to National Review.

We now have are first lawsuit allegedly folks signed up for Obama Care and were not given coverage.  Is the affordable care act one giant shell game?  Several folks in Nevada are upset and suing the government reports CBS Las Vegas.

Is the big one on it's way?  No were not writing about a revival of Sanford and Son.  Could Yellowstone be nearing a historic eruption?  That's one explanation why all the animals are leaving the park.  When in doubt, follow the Moose and Bison says Epoch Times.

Two great cities get the boot as possible hosts of the GOP Convention.  Columbus and Phoenix are out.  Find out who's still in the running according to CNN.

Is there a regional trend by police to target drivers from pro pot states?  More folks from the Centennial State say police are profiling them due to their state license plates reports CBS Denver.

Meridian School Board bans a book to bad language.  Have they checked out the language in the videos and music that their students are listening to?  It was back and forth last night says The Idaho Statesman.

Bruce Willis wants to sell you his Idaho ranch.  He's willing to give the right buyer a BIG discount.  Yahoo Homes has the details and photos.

Chris Petersen?  You remember him don't you?  Well he played an April Fools joke on his new team and Yahoo Sports has the story and video.