Why John Stewart?  He's not Letterman or Colbert or Brian Williams, but the pride of Comedy Central wins the naming rights to today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.  Find out why now!

Who was President Obama's toughest interview?  Diane Sawyer?  Nope.  Bill O'Reilly, nope.  Find out who Jay Carney says made the president work the hardest from Realclearpolitics.

Will there be another Bundy Ranch situation?  If so, what's next for militias and Americans who stand for their freedom?  Reuters takes a look at where the next BLM land grab may occur.

Harry Reid continues his assault on Cliven Bundy calling him a terrorist says infowars.

Is the president a liar?  Most Americans believe he does lie about the big issues according to the Washington Examiner.

What a slap in the face.  Edward Snowden interviews Vladimir Putin about civil liberties.  Putin says Russia has more freedom than America reports the mailonline.

The must read story of the failed, flawed, rape investigation of Jameis Winston provided by The New York Times.

Hillary Clinton has been called a lot of things.  Maybe one day Madam President.  However read about her new title from mailonline.

Bill Gertz checks in with a report that Russia has cancelled our scheduled spy flights over there territory.  That can't be good.  Check out the latest from the Washington Free Beacon.

A senator fears that the president may issue an executive order requiring biometric restrictions on handguns reports the Hill.

They call it the gateway drug, while others call it harmless.  A new report says that even causal smoking of Marijuana can change your brain says Newsmax.