It's the weekend edition of the Kevin Miller Hotlist and in honor of the good times ahead we dedicate today's Hotlist to KIDO's Sean Hannity.  Whether it's Radio or other outlets, Sean has something to say and we're happy to have him on 580 KIDO.  Let's get started!

Sean Hannity has no problem challenging guests in a respectful way.  Whether the guest is a political figure or unknown activist, Sean doesn't back down.  Last night Sean went one on one with a woman who refused to denounce Shariah law from the Blaze.

The borders are under siege and no one is doing anything to secure them.  Wait, here comes the federal government reports the New York Times.

Can someone change from being gay to straight?  One man says it happened to him and encourages others to follow his path according to Politico.

MSNBC's Chris Mathews lays the smack down on US Senator Elizabeth Warren on live television.  The scene plus reaction from the Daily Caller.

Hybrid technology is gaining wider acceptance on the roads when it comes to cars.  Are you ready for an electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson?  Whether or not people want to ride electric bikes has yet to be determined says Yahoo News.

This just in, Congressman Paul Ryan tells the IRS Commissioner ' I don't believe you, ' reports Real Clear Politics.

The IRS Commissioner refuses to apologize for the lost Lois Lerner emails from the Washington Times.

Mitt Romney has denied that he will run for the White House again.  However, Romney continues to appear in public as if he is a future candidate says the Washington Examiner.

Will America bombing ISIS save Iraq?  Pat Buchanan looks at US options in today's CNS News.

A review of the new movie Jersey Boys from Grantland.