Kevin Miller hears from more callers who voice their opinion on the Bundy Ranch/BLM issues.  Walt, Patriot Ray, Pro Life, and Kevin from Parma call in to give their take.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Ryan Bundy.  Kevin then takes phone calls as listeners react to the interview.  Terry, Jesse, Aaron, Jason,  and Tea Party Bob call in to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller speaks with a local Las Vegas NBC reporter who covers the Bundy Ranch and the BLM.  The reporter discusses what the challenges of covering this story and what to look for next.  Linda from Emmet and Jim from Star phone in to share their opinions.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso who talks about money.  Kevin asks Dave about tips for retirement readiness.  They discuss the economy and the first quarter reports.  Kevin asks Dave what are the consequences of the Fed continuing to print their own money.


Kevin Miller speaks with Ryan Bundy and they talk about living the news.  Ryan tells Kevin that this issue is about state's rights and individual liberty.  Kevin and Ryan discuss the issue of cattle and the right's of ranchers.  Ryan tells Kevin this battle has gone on for over twenty years.  Ryan tells Kevin what it was like to have four snipers aiming their weapons at him.


Kevin Miller previews what will be on the show today.  He talks about his journey to Nevada.  Kevin details his interview with Ryan Bundy that will air at 635AM.  Kevin Miller speaks with Mike from the Citizens Action Network on why he's here.  Mike describes what happened when the BLM showed up at the Bundy Ranch.


Kevin Miller is live in Las Vegas reporting on the BLM verses Bundy Ranch situation.  He is joined by Dave.  Kevin Miller describes his humorous trip down to Las Vegas and his two trips to the Bundy Ranch.  He and Dave discuss the Donald Sterling situation and how it relates to the 1st Amendment.