Kevin Miller takes calls concerning gun control and compromise in the Idaho GOP.  Tea Party Bob and Jim from Star phone in with their takes.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Dave Petso of Petso Financial.  They discuss the markets, CEO pay, and what's next for the markets.  Kevin and Dave discuss the differences in a Roth IRA and a regular IRA.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff update Kevin on the fallout over the UCSB shooting.  Kevin then hears from listeners who give their take on the guns on campus issue.


Kevin Miller is joined by Darcy Hoellwarth from the Laguna Pointe Home Owners Association.  She reports on her challenge with the city of Eagle involving eminent domain.


Kevin Miller is joined by Emily Wither of Fox News Radio from the Middle East.  They  discuss the Pope's recent visit to the Israel.  Emily explains how Pope Francis' trip was different from other papal visits.


Kevin Miller describes the differences between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  He explains the loss of life and the sacrifices of our troops that allow us to live freely.  Kevin Miller then looks at the split in the state GOP.  Kevin Miller describes what each faction is up to and their agendas.  He then gets listener reaction to the University of California murders.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the shooting in California over the weekend.  Kevin shares a comment that someone made on Facebook concerning misogyny.  Dave shares with Kevin Miller the merits of camping.