Kevin Miller interviews Stephen Yates, the new chairman of the state GOP, on a number of issues.  Mr. Yates goes over his election and how he plans to unite the republicans.  He takes calls and announces that he wants to hear from as many folks as possible.


Kevin Miller is joined by Wayne Allan Root who is an author and world famous handicapper.  Mr. Root discuses real solutions to the erosion of the American Middle Class.  Kevin Miller and Wayne go over the effects of the stalemate in Washington DC.


Kevin Miller shares a debate between Fox News Personalities Tucker Carlson and Kirsten Powers.  They debate what to do about the border children.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the segment.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso discuss financial news.  Dave looks into the possibility of a Bear Market, the latest with Micron and high gas prices in Idaho.


Kevin Miller gets the latest on the Israel /Hamas fighting live from Cairo, Egypt from Kimberly Adams of Fox News Radio.  Kimberly give the Egyptian perspective on the tunnels and missile launches.

Kevin Miller looks at the new restrictions on bake sales and takes calls.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council.  Ken details his plan to get the Western Lands back from the Feds.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss last night's preseason football game.  They look at the upcoming NFL and College Football Season.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the how powerful television has become in college and professional sports.  Kevin reports that Stephen Yates is the new state GOP Chairman.  Dave looks at the administration's new ban on bake sales.