Kevin Miller takes calls on the Ebola Quarantine and gun control for Idaho Schools.


Kevin Miller gets the latest on local and national car recalls with Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff urges folks to check out their vehicles manufacturers web site for recall details.

Kevin Miller looks


Kevin Miller interviews Dave Petso on the state's fiscal health.  Kevin asks Dave about what he would do as governor.  They go over the big issues in Idaho's governor's race.


Kevin Miller interviews Jared Halpren of Fox News Radio.  Jared breaks down the national senate races that are happening next Tuesday.  Kevin Miller looks at the massive amount of money being spent on political ads.  He asks the folks whether they believe Idaho is a competitive state politically.


Kevin Miller looks at the school shooting in Washington State.  He takes calls on the issue and asks is it time to arm teachers?  Kevin Miller reports on the nurse suing New Jersey for quarantining her.


Kevin Miller and Dave go over the Marysville-Pilchuck High School Shooting.  They discuss school safety and the terror attacks in Canada.  Kevin asks Dave about the future of football in light of its over saturation.