Kevin Miller shares clips from last night's Golden Globe Awards.  He takes calls from listeners concerning the gas tax and the nine year old.


Kevin Miller speaks with Phil Kerpen from American Commitment discussing the EPA.  He tells Kevin Miller that the country is feeling the pain of high electric bills due to the EPA's policies.

Kevin Miller shares the story of a nine year old Post Falls boy who was arrested by local police.


Kevin Miller speaks with Simon Owen of Fox News Radio from Paris, France.  Simon reports on the French reaction to the terror attacks.  He details what happened at yesterday's rally.

Kevin Miller takes calls on Mitt Romney running for the presidency again.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso go over last week's money news.  Dave explains the difference between last year's market and what to expect this year.

They look at the possible impact of Obama Care on Idaho Businesses.  Dave reports on the economic impact of the terror attacks in Paris on the French Economy.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the shooting in Northern Idaho.  He's joined by Rachel Sutherland, of Fox News Radio, who previews today's vote on the Keystone Pipeline.  Rachel explains how many jobs could be created if Keystone is passed.

Kevin Miller shares a clip of Eric Holder explaining the US policy on Radical Islam.  He listens as callers react to Holder.


Kevin Miller reports on the killing of three people and a fourth who is in critical condition in Moscow, Idaho.  He shares the story from KREM News on the air.  Kevin states that this case should not be used by folks who want to promote gun control.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the shooting in Moscow over the weekend.  Kevin Miller reports on the details of the case.  He previews the topic for next hour of the show.

Kevin Miller and Dave look at the NFL Playoffs.  Kevin Miller states that Tom Brady could be the best pro quarterback ever.