Kevin Miller has a contest between JR and Janelle for tickets to the George Noory event this Saturday night at the Egyptian Theater.


Kevin Miller is joined by Naghmeh Abedeni the wife of Boise Pastor Saeed Abedeni held in Iran.  Naghmeh covers the latest news, gives a background on US/Iranian Relations, and asks for your prayers.



Kevin Miller examines the role of marriage today.   He reacts and gives his take on Today Show Anchor Savannah Guthrie getting married at 42 and four months pregnant.  Kevin reports the latest on Russia and Crimea and the 4.7 magnitude earthquake that registered in Los Angles.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso of Money Matters. They discuss housing, the market, jobs, and the economy.


Kevin Miller takes a look at human trafficking in the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller takes a look at a new Wall Street Journal article detailing brain implants.  Kevin Miller then reports on the latest on insurance rates from Your Health Idaho.


Kevin Miller is joined by author and terror expert Kerry Patton.  Kerry tells Kevin Miller about the Valhalla Project designed to help returning combat veterans.  Kerry goes over what could have happened on the Malaysia Air Flight.  Kevin Miller and Kerry discuss Russia and Crimea and the latest on Afghanistan.



Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at a few big issues that happened over the weekend.  Kevin asks Dave his thoughts on the John Bujak for Governor web site.  They look at the Bronco Basketball Season, the NCAA tournament brackets, and the missing Malaysia Air Flight.