Kevin Miller examines the rising cost of gasoline and offers his solutions to the problem.  He then takes a look at the GM recall and it's impact on the consumer.


Kevin Miller is joined live in studio by Andrew Probst from the movie The Saratov Approach.  Andrew discusses his life as a hostage and the DVD premiere of the movie.



Kevin Miller is joined by Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio previewing tonight's national championship game between UCONN and UK.  Kevin Miller plays the comments of Jeb Bush concerning illegal immigration.


Kevin Miller takes a look at whether men should take maternity leave when their wife has a baby.  Kevin Miller details why military members should be allowed to carry weapons on base/post to protect themselves.


Kevin Miller takes a look at the controversial comments of Bob Costas concerning athletes and guns.  He then interviews Emily Wither live from Jerusalem on the Afghan elections.


Kevin Miller looks at the partnership between BSU and the Mexican Consulate.  Kevin looks at relevant issues he hopes will be addressed like immigration, drugs, and people who are slaves in this country.  Kevin then discusses what is and isn't proper customer service and when to complain about poor service.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the death of actor Mickey Rooney, the weekend box office, good or bad customer service.  They preview the national title game tonight featuring UConn verses Kentucky.