Kevin Miller welcomes back channel 7's Maggie O'Mara who will be returning to KTVB on Thursday.  Maggie shares her experience of maternity leave and how excited she is about getting back to work.  Kevin Miller and Maggie discuss the balance between work and home.  They profile the impact of the 7's heroes weekly segment.


Kevin Miller interviews Win Smith, CEO of Sugarbush Resort in Vermont.  Mr. Smith left his position as Executive Vice President of Merrill Lynch & Co. after twenty eight years.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Smith detail self help and job seeking tips to listeners.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jim Chmelik candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  They discuss the lands issue and his candidacy.  Mr. Chmelik goes in depth on why Idaho and other Western states need to control their lands.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Dave Petso of Petso Financial and Money Matters.  They discuss the latest week in the markets and where the smart investor should look to this week.


Kevin Miller details the meeting of over 50 Western Lawmakers in Salt Lake City.  The lawmakers met to discuss the need for the West to regain its lands claimed by the federal government.  Kevin Miller takes a look at the rising cost of gasoline.


Kevin Miller gives an update on the Bundy Ranch /BLM standoff.  He takes calls on the issue.  Kevin Miller looks at whether the West can get its lands back from the Feds.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at the Easter Weekend.  Kevin tells Dave the world would be better off if people judged others more.  They take a look at the Bronco Blitz program targeting high school sports.